Adopt a stove now!

Adopt a Stove!

Care about Green, Sustainable and Local Solutions.

Every year 1.6 million people on this planer die because of Indoor Air Pollution. IAP affects mainly women and children.
Give an Indian family the chance to live a healthier life, by giving them a more efficient stove that minimises the indoor smoke. Next to the health benefits for the families, that easily counts ten members, less time will be wasted on collecting wood and biomass, enabling children to go to school and saving the environment. Moreover, the production, distribution and information activities give live to a new and lively market in the Indian rural areas.

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Donating with Tax benefits

It is fiscally beneficial to donate periodically with a notarial act. When donating periodically your yearly contributions are fully deductible from your taxable income. Since January 2008 this is only possible when your donating to a charity. The Adopt the Stove Foundation is an official charity as approved by the Tax Department. If you want more information about the taxation rules, please consult the website of the Tax Department.

An Example

If you were to adopt 50 stoves per year costing 6 € each and your total contribution to the Adopt a Stove Foundation would be 300€, you would fall under the 42% tax tariff category. If you would opt for a periodic donation, your costs would reduce from 300€ to 174€ as the Tax Department would transfer 126€ to your account. Most importantly, your 300€ would benefit in their totally the 50 adopted stoves in India.

Download the form to grant the Adopt the Stove Foundation the authority to deduct your money here.
• Please fill in your details in the form.
• Please send the form and a copy of your identification to the following address:

Better Future
A.t.t. Michel Bart
Zandstraat 26
4101 EH Culemborg

Thereafter, the following events will take place:

• You make a yearly donation for a minimum of five years.
• Your donation will be recorded officially in a notarial act.
• The record is created for you on a Pro Bono pasis by ´Notary Gietema´ from ´Notary´s Office Gietema Legal Arnhem´.
• You will receive the notarial act of your donation within six weeks.

May 21, 2009: Website is online!