Adopt a stove now!


The Adopt the Stove Foundation aims to smoothen a successful introduction of the Chula in the Indian state Karnataka, in order to improve the health and quality of live of the families living in rural India in a fast and solid way

Within the five year time frame (2013) there will be 250.000 Chula’s that are being used by rural families in India.


Our mission is to stimulate the sales and production of the Chulas by subsidising 50% of their sale price.

This will be accomplished in cooperation with our local Indian partner, the Erin Foundation, a NGO committed to the production and distribution of the Chulas. The manner in which the sales and distribution are organised allow sustainable incomes for local workers and entrepreneurs, while the families can enjoy a higher quality stove for a low price. We enable you to become a donor and support an Indian family in a very direct way; allowing them to buy a stove for half the price through subsidising it.


In fifteen years the Chula will be used throughout the whole of rural India. Every household will be aware of its health benefits. Simultaneously, a lively market will thrive existing of small entrepreneurs producing the Chulas locally, with the ability to replace the damaged parts and provide other Chula-related services. The Erin Foundation, the Indian NGO that will be producing the Chula’s in the starting up phase, won’t be necessary to function as a producer. The Adopt a Stove Foundation will redirect her attention to other parts of the world where help is seriously needed.

May 21, 2009: Website is online!